Spotlight on Gino: Results of Recent Survey

Thanks to everyone who participated.   

Who is your favourite ETA?  Of the twenty people who responded, 16 named Gino Monopoli because:  a) fans came to see Gino in concert and b) his performance was excellent.  The others named, in no particular order, were: Steve Michaels, Shaun Klush, Matt Cage, and Dean Z.  

What makes your favourite ETA so special to you?  I comprised a synopsis from your responses:  Gino is the best.  He has good interaction with fans, and reacts with people. He is humble and down to earth.  You like his personality, and find him friendly.  Fans love his music because he keeps Elvis alive and brings back memories.  You love his talent, and think he is very talented.  Gino is good looking, romantic, with a sense of humour.  You like the way he sings and moves with gyrations.  

What Elvis song does your favourite ETA sing better than other ETAs?  Other than Just Pretend that received three votes, the following songs earned one vote each:  If I Can Dream, Jailhouse Rock, Viva Las Vegas, The Wonder of You, Polk Salad Annie, Burning Love, In the Early Morning Rain, How Great Thou Art, Teddy Bear, Love Me Tender, and Hound Dog.  One fan wrote "Gospel Song,"  which, perhaps, means any Elvis gospel song.  And one fan wrote, Heart of Rome. (As I mentioned in my article, Keeping His Memory Alive, I am a recent Elvis fan, so I had to check this song on YouTube.  Now I have a new Elvis song to add to my ownlist of favourites.  So, thank you!)

What costume does your favourite ETA wear the best?  Not surprising, perhaps, black leather was the number one answer.  Two votes each went to 'young Elvis' and the 'white one' which could refer to either the '68 Comeback two piece suit, or a white jumpsuit.  Someone else wrote 'jumpsuit', which I took to mean 'any' jumpsuit, including the pale blue one yesterday.  You also like to see Gino in a red blazer or jacket, with black pants, a white eagle jumpsuit, or a gold lame suit.  One person likes to see him in anything.

How far would you travel to see your ETA in concert?  Your answers were: 30 miles, 100 miles, 6 hrs, 8 hr drive, southern Ontario,  close to home (Niagara Falls), Flamboro, and far, far, far!

What is your favourite venue where you have seen your ETA perform?  Why?  Seven fans voted for Casino Niagara, and for good reason:  You like when he comes off the stage and talks to the fans.  You also like Flamboro, Brantford and Mohawk casinos, probably for the same reason.  One fan likes Roselawn Theatre.

What would you like to know about your favourite ETA, but are afraid to ask?  Many fans did not have any questions, probably because, as one fan put it, they have "known him for years since he first started."  But others want to know:  Why do you do this (perform)?  Does he anything of Elvis?  Is he married or single?  Two people want to know how long he has been doing this?  Why won't he tell us in advance where he will be performing?  

If you have other ETAs you would like spotlighted on my blog, please fill out the questionnaire on  I would like to have close to twenty responses for each ETA before posting the results.  And in response to the fan who wanted to know about upcoming concerts, I hope all ETAs will send their upcoming concerts and events, so I can post them on my calendar under FAN INFO.  Until we meet again, cheers!