Gino Monopoli

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What a great afternoon at Casino Niagara yesterday at Gino's concert!  Thanks to everyone who filled out my questionnaire.  No surprise, Gino was the hands down favourite ETA in answer to the first question, "Who is your favourite ETA?" But there were other ETAs mentioned as well.  Sometime between now and 12 o'clock tonight, I will post a recap of your answers.  I want to send a special 'hello' to my dancing partners Joanne and Joan, who are always so much fun, and also to Maria, Onni, Doreen, Cecilia, Harry and Ann from Kitchener, and to Colleen who is visiting from Newcastle, England.  It was nice chatting with you all. If anyone has photos and stories about their favourite ETA, please fill out the online form.  We weren't allowed to take photos in the casino, but my guess is that Gino fans have photos (and stories) from previous concerts.  Cheers, everyone.  Check in later for results of survey questions. BFN CM