Two ETAs and Darren

You might be wondering, "What is a photo of a non-ETA doing in a blog about ETAs?"  Good question...


Darren Evorglens performs music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, which includes Elvis songs; so maybe we can consider him an honorary ETA.  But for the purpose of SIDEBURNS Magazine, it is his friends that are of special interest to ETA fans.

Darren Evorglens and friends provided the entertainment at the Bronte Legion, Oakville, on Saturday, September 30th.  The friends on this particular evening were young ETAs, Joey Cundari and Richard Wolfe.  The concert was sold out in advance of Saturday night, so I had to scramble to find a ticket.  With the much appreciated help of Richard's fans, an unused ticket was available for purchase when I arrived.  With only the name of my contact, I set out to find a person I had never met in a room of 140 people.  As luck would have it, at the first table I approached sat the lady who had information about my ticket.  After I paid my $20 (a bargain in my books), I awkwardly searched for a seat in room already full of people.  Unlike a concert hall where seating is assigned, the set-up at the Legion for this concert was banquet style, meaning first come, first served seating .  I went back to the first table and asked if I could sit with there. Happily seated, I waited for the concert to begin.

Darren was the opening act for what promised to be an entertaining evening.  Minutes into his performance, Darren had people up on the dance floor movin' and grovin' while he worked the room.  He is the consummate performer with a great voice and a natural ease with people.  Next to perform was Joey Cundari.  

I was looking forward to seeing young ETA Joey Cundari because the ladies at my table wearing 'Joey' buttons assured me he was going to put on a good show.  They also shared that Joey taught elementary school.  Teacher by day, ETA by night.  I was intrigued.  Joey didn't disappoint his fans.  Dressed in 50s Elvis garb, Joey had his fans on their feet in appreciation.  I would have liked to have had a chance to speak with him, but that didn't happen.  I did, however, have a pre-performance chat with Richard Wolfe where I was able to share the story of how one of his former Delta High School classmates told me of his assembly performances a few years ago.  She had not been to any of Richard's subsequent concerts, but heard he was headed to Memphis.     

Following Darren's second performance of the evening, Richard took the stage dressed in a white fringed jumpsuit.  Richard was in good voice as he sang songs from the concert years.  His exuberant fans really enjoyed interacting with Richard during his performance.  I was able to snap some very good photos of Richard and Joey which you will find under Fan Info/Photos.     Until next time...CM