Sylvain Leduc: Flamboro Concert

Security was tight at Flamboro Downs on Friday, so it was difficult for me to take my time and get the shots I wanted.  What you see here is a photo of Sylvain's banner.  I cropped it to fit the space.  I really like the look of the photo; it almost looks like a painting. 

Sylvain's poster

In an earlier post about Sylvain's concert at Flamboro, I mentioned that the very hot weather streak in Ontario was about to break, and hopefully with the cooler weather, Sylvain would be encouraged to wear his black jumpsuit.  During his first set of the concert, he wore a peacock jumpsuit, one of my particular favourites, and after a brief intermission, Sylvain returned to the stage wearing a Cisco Kid jumpsuit in black, trimmed with white.  Fantastic!  Sylvain finished the concert in a beautifully detailed Sundial (or Mexican Sundial).

It was my first Sylvain Leduc concert, and the entire evening exceeded my expectations.  I knew Sylvain had a fabulous voice because I watched his competition videos.  But what endeared him to ETA fans at Flamboro was his generosity in giving out several scarves and teddy bears.  When Sylvain's girlfriend saw that he had only three scarves left when he came to a table of four ladies, she quickly got an extra scarf for the fourth lady so she wouldn't feel left out.  A lady sitting on her walker told me she had asked Sylvain during the first intermission if she could have a scarf.  She watched in anticipation as he came close. I heard her sigh when she saw that he had only four scarves as he approached the table with the four ladies.  Four scarves, four ladies.  But Sylvain didn't forget.  He gave one of the four scarves to the lady sitting on her walker, which explains why he had only three scarves to give the table of four.  Some may find this story a little corny, but I don't mind.  In a world of craziness, it is nice to see little acts of kindness still preveal.

One of the advantages of venues such as Flamboro is that it provides a more intimate setting with more opportunities for ETA/fan interaction.  I was able to speak with Sylvain on more than one occasion during the evening, and I found him very charming and accommodating.  If you continue reading the installments of my article Keeping His Memory Alive, you will understand what I mean when I say that as a professional ETA, Sylvain 'checks all the boxes'.  Cheers!  CM