Dancing Partner

Afternoon dancing at Casino Niagara on Wednesdays is reminiscent of Tea Dances.

Checkerboard of  SIDEBURNS  business cards .  

Checkerboard of SIDEBURNS business cards.  

I just received a lovely comment from Joanne Bisson:  "Keep up the good work! Your dancing partner."  While Joanne didn't send along a photo, I wanted share her message and tell you the story of how I first met Joanne.  Before my fan magazine was launched, I attended many ETA concerts at Flamboro Downs.  Unlike large concert halls, smaller venues such as Flamboro, Mohawk, and Casino Niagara allow dancing while the ETAs perform.  In fact, ETAs often leave the small stage and dance right along with the audience.  It is so much fun.  At one particular Flamboro concert, I noticed Joanne was having difficulty convincing her friends to join her on the dance floor for the fast songs, so I volunteered.  One of Joanne's favourite songs is Sweet Caroline because of audience participation during the song; and now, thanks to Joanne, I know the "so good, so good, so good" refrain and hand movements.  Whenever I attend ETA concerts, where dancing is allowed, I know I will have a good time, thanks to my dancing partner, Joanne.

I also want to say a special hello to other regular dancers, Carol from Niagara, and Joan from Stoney Creek.  And hello to all the other ETA fans I have had the pleasure of meeting.  It is the interesting stories that you share that keep me wanting to write.  Best regards, Carolyn