Coming Soon...My Next ETA Interview

What ETA's future interview is already in the cards?  Stay tuned...

Elvis Cards

Thank you to everyone who checked out my interview with ETA Brent Freeman.  I hope you also read the introduction to Brent's interview, A Pre Interview Faux Pas.  It explains why I consider the first time I met Brent a faux pas. This coming weekend, my photographer and I will be at the Flaming Star Festival on Sunday.  I don't want to give too much away, but if you liked the last interview, you are sure to like the one coming up next week.  I won't say whom I have already interviewed, but he is an award-winning ETA who will be at the Toronto festival this weekend.  And he is amazing!

In the coming weeks, I hope to have an ETA interview ready to post each week.  The process of my interviews works like this:  I do a lot a research before I write the questions, so the questions I ask reflect the life and career of the individual.  I have a set of questions that I composed that can be applied to any ETA interview as well.  I know that the answers I receive for my generic questions will be as individual as the person answering them.  After much typing, and some editing, the interview is ready for posting on SPOTLIGHT ON.

My web manager, Lori-Anne, puts the finishing touches on the photos, which may be ones we have taken, or the ones an ETA provides.  From beginning to end, it takes between five and seven days after I receive the answers to my questions to prepare an interview for posting.

I also offer a format for any ETA who wishes to have their bio posted quickly.  It is a new segment on SIDEBURNS Magazine, called FOCUS ON.  I have prepared a guideline that ETAs are welcome to use.  The guideline offers direction for their bio writing; but ultimately, the content is up to the individual.  They provide their own photos which are posted with their self-directed bio.  This particular format works exceptionally well for those who are entering a competition, since it lets the public get to know them, which then translates into support.  It is also a great place to advertise their upcoming concerts.  Every effort is made to post the ETA's bio and photo the day they are received.    

With SPOTLIGHT ON, I approach ETAs l wish to interview.  They are always ETAs I have met in person and/or have seen in concert.  With FOCUS ON, ETAs are welcome to approach me at  They are ETAs that I have yet to meet, and have not seen perform live.  I have one such ETA bio that will be posted on FOCUS ON in a day or two.  It is a beautifully written, sincere bio of an ETA whose passion for paying tribute to Elvis runs very deep.  A banker by day, and an ETA all the time, his bio is an interesting read.

So, to recap:  FOCUS ON is accepting ETA bios.*   Next week an interview with an ETA will be posted in SPOTLIGHT ON.

Thank you for liking and sharing what you see on SIDEBURNS: The Ultimate ETA Fan Magazine.

*ETA Lorensz Francke's bio has been posted.