ETAs, Others, and Love

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Valentine's Day!

ETA Gib Maynard and his wife, Lauren, bear a striking resemblance to Elvis and Priscilla Presley.  Photo Credits:  Gib and Lauren, courtesy of Lauren Maynard; Elvis and Priscilla,

“It is easy to see the love that Lauren and Gib share for one another on stage".    A quote from Lauren Maynard’s bio.

In Their Own Words

The following edited excerpts and photos were taken from bios and interviews that were posted on SIDEBURNS.  Whether a few or many words, the common thread that ties them all together is love.   

ETA  Tim E Hendry  with his mom and sisters.

ETA Tim E Hendry with his mom and sisters.

My mom is the most giving loving, supportive, understanding mom anyone could ever wish for.  My sisters Tammy and Terry...I love them so much and I am a very, very, very lucky man to have them as sisters.  My nieces...I am blessed to have them in my life.  I love them very much.                                       

ETA  Tim E Hendry  and his girlfriend, Brandy. 

ETA Tim E Hendry and his girlfriend, Brandy. 

My girlfriend, Brandy, coming into my life was truly a blessing, and I cherish her and her family.  Barb Mason...I am blessed to have her as a friend.  Marie White...I can’t thank her enough.  Sandra Gold has been one of my very best friends for about 14 years--love her like a sister.  I have met so many wonderful women in my life.  I am truly blessed and lucky. 
Tim E Hendry

ETA  Brent Freeman  and his girlfriend, Suzy.

ETA Brent Freeman and his girlfriend, Suzy.

My children…who are wonderful, and Suzy (girlfriend) for putting up with me.  Both stepdaughter, Alexya, and my oldest child, Myra, love going to Elvis events, which is a blast.      
Brent Freeman

ETA  Ted Torres Martin ,

ETA Ted Torres Martin,


My mom and my beautiful wife are special, supportive and loving.  Our wedding day really exceeded our expectations, from so many special guests to, of course, the moment where she said. “I do.”   She is the love of my life.    Ted Torres Martin


Friends, Pam Pettit and Sue Harris.

Friends, Pam Pettit and Sue Harris.

Sue and I now have a close friendship…I can't imagine doing this (Festival) with anyone else.     
Pam Pettit                                                                                                                  

Pam is more than just a partner in the Festival, she is my sister.     Sue Harris                                                                                  


Paul Hyu , Chinese Elvis. 

Paul Hyu, Chinese Elvis. 

My wife, Maxine.  We married a few years ago, and we have a 17 year old son, Jonty, whom we are very proud of and is doing great at school.     Paul Hyu, Chinese Elvis   


I would like to thank my long-time friend, Karen Pattiucci, and my good friends, Rita Caruso and Sue Harris.  I am grateful to the three of you for your help, but most of all, I am grateful for your friendship.  I am blessed and happy for the people in my life.  I have been married for 29 years.  My husband is definitely an Elvis fan—he would have to be or I wouldn’t have married him!  He (Tim) is by far my best guy friend.  He is like a brother to me.  I truly love him like family.  I love Gordon.  He is the sweetest, down-to-earth guy.  He makes me laugh all the time.  Sandra Gold

ETA  Joseph Hall .

ETA Joseph Hall.

My wife, Amber, is my best friend and my rock.  She gives me the confidence to be the best I can be.  My mother who plays a very important role in my “Elvis World” and in my life “and I love you so”.   My sisters, whom I love, will always be there for me.    Joseph Hall

Wendy King.

Wendy King.


Elvis captured my heart at a young age.  He was always my best friend.  It was as if he set my life to music.  Every great thing that has happened in my life was in some way connected to Elvis Presley.  I am forever in his debt and he is forever in my heart.  Wendy King

I have posted ETA Doug McKenzie's tribute to his wife, Patti, in its entirety because it has a special Valentine message that will resonate with most ETAs and those who love and support them.  In Doug's own words, “She has never sought the spotlight at all, always been at my side.”

To Patti with love from Doug

Not many people know that when I first set out to become an ETA, Patti was dead set against it.  Part of that was due to her belief that I was looking to use it as a way of ‘getting out of the house’.

I confess that there was no way that I could have known ‘exactly’ what I was getting into…but not sharing it with her was entirely the furthest thing from my mind.

ETA  Doug McKenzie  with his wife, Patti.   

ETA Doug McKenzie with his wife, Patti.   

I had someone tell me at a gospel show once, that “God whispers in the ears of all the ETAs…but Elvis picks them out.”  While I am not the only one, I am most definitely living proof of that statement.  I knew this was something I ‘had’ to do.

Today, as I head into my 16th year, I can safely say that none of it would have unfolded the way it did, without Patti by my side.  She keeps me in line, yes, but does so very much for me with it comes to my career as an ETA.  From making scarves to co-ordinating gigs and running the sound at my shows, there is no element of what I do as an ETA that she does not affect in some manner.  I like to say, often, that I would forget my own head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders...I am literally nowhere without her by my side.    
Doug McKenzie

From ETA Fans with Love

SAM_2263 (2).JPG
SAM_2282 (3).JPG

Fans show their fondness and appreciation for their favourite ETAs by creating displays using photos that capture meaningful moments.  The top photo panel was made by Bertha Johnston for her friend, Frances Taylor, and contains ETA photos taken at Flamboro Downs.  The bottom photo panel is the handiwork of dedicated fan, Dot Farr, who created a calendar for 2018 featuring different photo collages each month using her dozens of ETA photos.    

Tokens of Affection:  Little Things Mean a Lot

More important than the item themselves in the slideshow are the circumstances and sentiment behind them.  They mean something to the person who made, gave, received or saved them.  Whether it is the time spent with someone special selecting a design for a mug, or figuring out how to get an iron logo just right, there is great joy in doing something you love with someone close to your heart.  The purchase of an Elvis '68 Comeback DVD does not seem much like of a token of love, but when it is bought as a wedding gift for your bride because at your wedding guests had to sing an Elvis song to encourage a nuptial kiss, the DVD becomes a lasting memory of the day you both said, "I do."  Gifts from a favouite ETA are treasured by the fan who receives them because every scarf, every autograph and every teddy bear reminds a fan just how much they are appreciated.  And when a fan or friend or family member takes the time to make something handmade just for you, the gift is given and received with much affection.  And it really is the thought that counts.  When my daughter gave me the Elvis finger puppet she bought when she was on a vacation, I was delighted that she saw little Elvis and immediately thought of me.  When I started SIDEBURNS, my other daughter gave me her collection of Elvis cards that she collected years ago.  Her generous gesture touched me deeply.  Two of my most treasured ETA gifts are the Matt Cage DVD and the Gordon Hendricks CD, and as I explain in Keeping His Memory Alive, there are special memories associated with each of these two gifts.  My neighbour, who is a big Elvis fan, derived much pleasure in putting together her display for two ETAs whose excellent performances inspired her artwork.*  My own ETA Christmas tribute was on display for everyone to enjoy a couple of years ago; and I still have framed ETA concert posters hanging in the hall just outside my apartment door.  For every Elvis and ETA memento I have collected over the past two years,  and every memory that warms my heart, I know that there are dedicated lifetime fans who have dozens more Elvis and ETA treasures.  A few or a lot, on Valentine's Day, it is nice to remember what makes us smile.  *(Just in time for this Valentine's Day post:  Yesterday my neighbour, who created the tribute to ETAs Tim E Hendry and  Zach Peddie, told me that her boyfriend proposed at Tim and Zach's concert by giving her a ring nestled in a box between two Mozart chocolates.  What makes this love story all the more special is that the newly engaged couple are 78 and 81!)            

Our "Celebrating Valentine's Day" Photo Album  

Featuring ETAs, Fans, Friends, Family, and Happy Moments. 

If your photo did not appear in the above album, or if you wish to add a few words to someone you love to today's Valentine post, please send your pics and words to  I am happy to update.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Carolyn.