An Afternoon with ETA Gino Monopoli

ETA Gino Monopoli wowed audiences yesterday at the Silver Aces 3pm and 6pm concerts.  Gino is very popular with ETA fans, and for very good reasons:  He is handsome, talented, friendly, humorous, and charming on stage.  Off stage he is sweet, kind and down-to-earth.  Gino has all the qualities I discussed in Keeping His Memory Alive that ensure longevity in an ETA's career.  When I had a brief moment to speak to Gino, he attentively listened to what I was saying, which was not an easy feat in a casino setting where there is so much distraction.  Gino extended the same courtesy to a fan who wanted to show him a photo of his new grandchild, and others who just wanted a moment of his time to chat.  Gino's popularity has not his altered his appreciation for his fans, and this personality trait is perhaps his most endearing.        

Gino looked spectacular in his red jacket, black pants and black shirt during his first set, and equally spectacular in his white dinner jacket in his second set.  Gino spent a lot of time mingling with appreciative audience members.  His comfort with people is evident.  He asked a lady where she was from, and when she answered, "Caledonia," Gino, said, "I'm sorry," the lady, thinking he didn't hear her, repeated, "Caledonia."  Gino, said, "No, I'm sorry!"  Everyone laughed.  Later on, Gino told her he was only kidding, and that he loved Caledonia.  There was another funny moment when Gino asked if anyone spoke German as he was about to sing "Wooden Heart".  ETA fan, Raymond Tonette, raised his hand; but when Gino held the mic for Raymond, or Raimondo as Gino jokingly referred to him, to sing the words in German, Raymond didn't sing a single German lyric.  He had raised his hand because he has German  

So, as you can see, all of us who had the good fortune of being at ETA Gino Monopoli's concert had a splendid time.  I look forward to posting Gino's interview in the coming weeks.  Cheers! 

For those who attend Silver Aces concerts, on February 14th, ETA Anthony Von will be performing--a great way to spend Valentine's Day.  Hope to see you there!  C.M.