Sylvain Leduc: Next Friday!

I am very excited about seeing Sylvain Leduc next Friday at Flamboro Downs.  I have watched several YouTube videos of his performances, and what can I say, but "Wow!"  The weather is supposed to cool down, so maybe he will surprise us by wearing the black jumpsuit.  If you haven't been to Flamboro Downs for a Friday night concert, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Those of you who have been there know that it is an intimate setting.  The ETAs that I have seen there, often leave the small stage and circulate amongst the audience.  The sounds of the slot machines are generally drowned out by the powerful singing of the performers. So far we have been allowed to take photos at Flamboro, and I hope they don't change their policy.

Today I prepared questions for a pending interview.  I also did a lot of research on twenty year old French Canadian singer, David Thibault.  A December 9th, 2013 YouTube posting of David singing Blue Christmas went viral in the first week with five million hits. David then caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.  Those of you who are regular viewers of Ellen's show probably remember seeing him on her show.  I wonder if he will come to Collingwood sometime?  If he does, he will walk away with a title--guaranteed; he is that good!

This coming week, I will post Keeping His Memory Alive:  Part Two, in which I continue my adventure in 'ETA Land'.  If you went to see Pete Paquette in Port Dover, or Steve Michaels and Brent Freeman in Brampton, tonight, I would like to hear how your evening went.  No doubt, both concerts were outstanding.  Until next time...CM