Good things are coming, fingers crossed.

I am hoping to report good news about upcoming interviews with ETAs, managers, promotors, and more.  The wheels have been set in motion; now we wait.  Stay tuned. 

I have written an article called "Keeping His Memory Alive".  It is based on my experiences with ETAs these past two years.  It was written with the intent to enlighten, inform, amuse, and entertain readers.  As it stands now, my article is over 5000 words long, and it keeps growing! Unless someone can suggest another method, I may have to break it up into chapters so I can post it daily on my blog.  I hope my writing encourages other ETA fans to openly express their own experiences.  Don't be shy!  I hear such interesting stories when I talk to other fans at events.  These lovely people now have a place, here at SIDEBURNS, to share their stories, photos, and trivia with a wider audience. To get things rolling, I will soon provide you with my bio which explains how I became a fan of Elvis Tribute Artists-- practically overnight!