ETAs Tim E Hendry and Zach Peddie

Thank you, Ebba Betts, for sending along the photos of Helga Hoffmann that you took at the Tim E Hendry concert, with guest ETA Zach Peddie, in Aylmer, ON, Saturday night.  I heard from Helga that it was a fantastic concert!  Not surprising...I saw Tim E at Canal Days, and I was blown away by his performance on that very hot, August day.  Tim always gives 100% in his tribute to Elvis.  I have also added a photo of Helga's display that she put together for Tim and Zach.           

I don't want to give too much away just yet, but in the near future I will be mentioning Helga again prior to an interview I will be posting.  I will only say for now that there is a "German" connection.  Hmmm...I wonder what award-winning ETA hails from Germany?  Is that too big of a  If you think you know of whom I speak, send me a message.