Victor J. Hanson Photo Album

Victor sent several of his favourite photos to be used with his interview.  Space restrictions meant that not all photos made it into the post; however, since the photos serve as a visual reminder of the many talents of Victor J. Hanson, I have created an album featuring Victor's photos and humorous captions.     

Starting at the top, from left to right, here are the comments Victor J sent to accompany his photos:

Row one: 

a)  Victor J performing as Jethro Hicks in the hit musical Christmas in Nashville - a Timmy Prevost production.  

b)  Jethro...I mean Victor J, leading the cast of Christmas in Nashville.    

c)  Lots of song lampoons and great fun in Victor's one-man comedy show, Splitting Hairs.                                            

Row two:

d)  Joe Porfavor  with his little dog Paco.

e)  Victor with his fave Elvis hat.   First five photos by Louis Young Photography. 

f)  Pigtails, Presley & Pepper - written by Cynthia Pepper and Victor J Hanson.  Book cover by Victor J Hanson.        

Row three:

g)  Victor J at the Flaming Star Festival.

h)  Victor J as the Big Bopper with the Casino Brothers at the Flaming Star Festival.  Photo by Clarence Buck O'Dell.

i)  Jose makes sure that he gets his potassium at every show.  Photo by Louis Young Photography.   

Row four:

j)  It's on the job safety first with every Victor J show.  

k)  The Big Bopper is rocking at Blue Mt. during the Collingwood Elvis Fest.

l)  Victor is playing ONE NOTE on his guitar...but he wrote that note!  Three photos by Louis Young Photography.   

Row five:

m)  Loni Anderson with Susan and Victor Hanson.  Photo from the Victor J Collection.

 n)  Victor and Cynthia Pepper posing at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  This is where the first Academy Awards were held.  Photo by Susan Hanson.

 o)  Victor hosting a trivia contest at the 2nd annual Flaming Star Festival.  Victor looks like he enjoys his work...and he does.  Photo by Buck O'Dell Photography.

Row six:

p)  Stallone connects with a left.  Victor should stick to comedy!  Photo by Susan Hanson.

q)  While hosting the Niagara Falls Elvis Festival at the Greg Frewin Theatre, Victor likes to bring his own style of magic.  Photo by Louis Young Photography.

r)  Victor J spending time with Elvis via Marcus Wells' incredible work.  Photo by Louis Young Photography.  

Row seven:

s)  Cynthia Pepper with her friends, Robert Blake, and Victor and Susan Hanson.  Photo from the Victor J Collection.  

t)  Victor as Jethro Hicks.

u)  Victor as Newfoundlander Shamus.  Photos by Louis Young Photography.